Month: September 2015

Homemade green curry


HOMEMADE GREEN CURY As you know, I love spice. I can eat it anytime, anywhere and in any form. Just bring in on. Thai green curry has always been a favorite of mine but this recipe tweaks it a bit with some light European inspiration. I have tried out this recipe on friends as starter or […]

The Helper Documentary


The Helper Documentary My dear friend Tony is launching a new project called the Helper Documentary on kickstarter. Hong Kong’s army of helper are helping us out everyday to raise our family and to allow us to develop our careers without having to think twice about what is happening at home. For most of them, […]

Viet Kitchen

Viet Kitchen

Viet Kitchen What do you do when you get back from holiday? Simple, just go and taste some of new places in town. I have been hearing for the last couple of months some very good things about Viet Kitchen. I had to try it out. Set up by Peter Cuong Franklin, formerly at Chom […]