Month: August 2016


My journey into Kimchi

Reading David Chan’s Momofuku book made me want to try out his Kimchi recipe. In short, Kimchi is fermented cabbage with some Kuchukaru and other ingredients like salted shrimp to kick start the fermentation process. For those not too familiar with Kimchi, it is like our mayonnaise or ketchup which we could use on pretty […]

Ravioli al taleggio e asparagi

Ravioli al taleggio e asparagi

Knowing that I had a dinner to prepare for some very picky foodies, I really had to come up with something impressive and difficult enough to make while being light, fresh and tasty to satisfy and exited their tongue buds. The result is this fantastic Ravioli al taleggio e asparagi. Nothing really beats fresh pasta when […]