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My name’s Alex and I created Chili Chin Chin to share my overall passion for food and everything great food brings to people. Rather than taking the conventional approach of reviewing restaurants only (although I will review some too), I have decided to share with you my strolls in various food market, travels, and products I love,and some simple home recipes.

If you have a few minutes, just scroll through Chili Chin Chin and discover my world!!!

 A few things about me:

I love to eat, cook, and have my friends over for diner!! I am always on the look out for great and quality products.

I am super curious and love to discover small artisan, local farmers simply because I love to know where my food is coming from

I am Belgian but lived in Paris, London, New York and now I have settled in Hong Kong with wife and kids. As such, I love various types of cuisine, be it Asian, French, Spanish, Italian.

I love going out for dinner but I hate it when realizing that my home cooked food is by far better than what I get.

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