Photo courtesy of Big Fernand


We have seen so many burger joints opening in the last few months from Beef & Liberty to Burger Circus opened by the guys behind Black Sheep as well as the Butcher Club to Big Fernand. I really had to taste them all to really appreciate the better one. My vote would go to Big Fernand which I visited a few times since the opening.

Big Fernand brings a Parisian twist to the most iconic American food. Their menu is pretty simple and straight to the point just take a very good bun, add good meat and great French cheese and a few other goodies, combine it all with just enough sauce and there you go!!!! One of the nice things about their menu is that you can make your own burger or replace any element of their existing burger with something else.

Big Fernand IFC

Photo courtesy of Big Fernand

I picked their signature burger The Bartholome made of Australian beef, melting delicious raclette cheese, some nice bacon and caramelized onions. The combination was perfect, as all ingredients felt right into place. The burger was super juicy with the meat cooked rare the way I like. The various toppings were clearly well selected and you could not find any of the non-sense items like raw onions. Instead, you have hand-selected cheeses, sundried tomato and a bunch of herbs. Really a nice selection!!!!

Photo courtesy of Big Fernand

Photo courtesy of Big Fernand

Big Fernand does really stand out of the crowd through the selections of ingredients they are working and the attention to the details with and this comes at a certain price. Don’t expect Burger King price but it totally in line with the other joints mentioned above.

A few other really good points are the staff who are super friendly and create a nice casual atmosphere which makes you really want to go back for more.

Photo Courtesy of Big Fernand

Photo Courtesy of Big Fernand

Having said a bunch of good stuff, the only negative point is about the fries, which were in my opinion a bit too soggy but apparently should be resolved very soon.

Big Fernand

Shop 2017, Podium 2, IFC Mall , 8 Finance Street, Central