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A review China: The Cookbook

I have received as a present the latest book from my favorite culinary publisher Phaidon. Phaidon came out with China: The Cookbook as part their bestsellers cuisine series including The Silver Spoon. This culinary series is great in terms of content as it covers the entire culinary repertoire of a country with really great recipes. […]

Christmas Gift

My Xmas gifts

Having spend so time back home for Christmas, I am now back in Hong Kong. Apart for the spending time and catching up with the family and eating till you drop, it was a nice occasion to exchange Xmas gifts with everyone. All I can say, my family knows me well and I could more […]

Food hunting in madrid


I have never been to Madrid and was not sure really what to expect. Sure, I thought the city must be nice and food must be good, but I was not expecting such a beautiful city and amazing food. I truly loved every second from walking to the Retiro park to visiting the impressive Palacio […]


The making of Ramen

Everyone in Japan loves a good ramen. You can find them in every street corner of any city. This is what I call a true fast food. Personally, I love them and so glad to find them so easily in Hong Kong at one of my go to place called Ippudo where my choice often […]

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Unagi is one of my old time favourite Japanese dish. So simple but yet so difficult to master. Only two ingredients, rice and eel but a failure most of the time. I can count on one hand the number of times I had this dish right and it was only in restaurants serving unagi only. […]



I recently got my hands on David Chan’s Momofuku book. Although not very recent, it is a fantastic book that combines great recipes which will be tried out soon and David Chan early success. David Chan food empire growth from a simple ramen joint to one of the best know chef in the US with […]

In the Kitchen with Jackson Pollock


IN THE KITCHEN WITH JACKSON POLLOCK This book by Assouline will find its space on my bookshelf. Most chefs know the importance of the visual impact of their presentation.Restaurants dishes are literally becoming a temporary piece of art until you start eating everything. In this case, the table have turns putting a true foodie and world class […]

Carmen Troesser


2015 INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD FOOD SECTION Every year, The International Photography Awards™ conducts an annual competition for professional, non-professional, and student photographers on a global scale. This years winner in the food section are the talented David Tortora and Jaime Travezan in 1st place, Emily Dryden in 2nd place and Carmen Troesser in 3rd place. Check out their picture […]

Are you a real foodie?

Are you a real foodie by San Pellegrino

ARE YOU A REAL FOODIE BY SAN PELLEGRINO San Pellegrino is always coming up with new interesting ways in building a food community. It first took the form of the Awards which completely changed the view on how food guides should work. Now they have come up with the first digital platform where food lovers […]

The Helper Documentary


The Helper Documentary My dear friend Tony is launching a new project called the Helper Documentary on kickstarter. Hong Kong’s army of helper are helping us out everyday to raise our family and to allow us to develop our careers without having to think twice about what is happening at home. For most of them, […]