Jalisco style birria taco

Jalisco style birria taco

Tacos is probably one of my old time favorite because of its variety of filling. The Jalisco style birria taco is probably the ultimate one. Especially when topped with sour cream, spicy sauce, guacamole and salsa. Tacos combines three stables that can be found in any Mexican family namely beef, tortillas and beer. This one does […]

Roastbeef with arugula and parmesan salad

Roastbeef with arugula and parmesan salad

Who doesn’t like a nice roastbeef? It is so easy to make and always a massive hit. With a recipe like this, the meat needs to shine by itself with very little other ingredients namely butter, garlic and some rosemary. I believe the best way to serve a roastbeef is with a little arugula and […]

Ho Lee Fook's Short Ribs

Ho Lee Fook’s short ribs

I have been a big fan of Ho Lee Fook for many years and always loved its short ribs. A couple of weeks ago, I bought the Anova Precision Cooker and knew that the recipe was available in one of the Monocle issue. I must say the result was pretty good. Okay, I must say that it’s not […]

Leftover inspiration

Leftover inspiration

I’am off to Europe in a couple of days and its time to empty the fridge. Looking at my near to empty fridge, I am left with some smoked salmon, cream cheese, puff pastry and a bit of micro green. The idea was to combine everything and make something delicious with very little. Smoked Salmon […]

Marinated sirloin kimchi

Marinated sirloin steak, kimchi, and ginger scallion

Another recipe by David Chan that sparkled my attention as I am always on the lookout for new innovative recipes featuring beef (one of my go to meat). This Marinated sirloin steak, kimchi, and ginger scallion recipe works so well.  It is just so simple but it has this wow factor to it. It’s simplicity lies […]

Ravioli al taleggio e asparagi

Ravioli al taleggio e asparagi

Knowing that I had a dinner to prepare for some very picky foodies, I really had to come up with something impressive and difficult enough to make while being light, fresh and tasty to satisfy and exited their tongue buds. The result is this fantastic Ravioli al taleggio e asparagi. Nothing really beats fresh pasta when […]

Harissa Chicken


HARISSA CHICKEN Chicken is definitely one of the most versatile, fast cooking, easily prepared protein and surely a family’s favorite.Made out of roasted red peppers, red chillies, garlic and spices, the harissa brings a subtle heat to the dish and brings all the ingredients together. Harissa brings back old memories being a student eating kebabs with a […]

Beef tenderloin with pink peppercorn and whisky sauce

beef tenderloin with pink peppercorn and whisky sauce

BEEF TENDERLOIN WITH PINK PEPPERCORN AND WHISKY SAUCE SERVED WITH CRISPY POTATO I have tried out this simple but yet stunning beef tenderloin with pink peppercorn and whisky sauce recipe from Donna Hay, one of Australia star cook and writer, a number of time when hosting dinner. Every single time, it was a smashing success. Have […]

Homemade green curry


HOMEMADE GREEN CURY As you know, I love spice. I can eat it anytime, anywhere and in any form. Just bring in on. Thai green curry has always been a favorite of mine but this recipe tweaks it a bit with some light European inspiration. I have tried out this recipe on friends as starter or […]

My homemade burger


MY HOMEMADE BURGER I love a good burger and I am not talking about Mc Donald but real juicy burger. I guess you already figured it out from my previous posts on Big Fernand or Double D. This time, let me share with you my homemade burger recipe. It easy, simple and ready to eat in […]