Food hunting in madrid

I have never been to Madrid and was not sure really what to expect. Sure, I thought the city must be nice and food must be good, but I was not expecting such a beautiful city and amazing food. I truly loved every second from walking to the Retiro park to visiting the impressive Palacio Real and eating fantastic food everywhere.

el Retiro

It is one of these cities which is best appreciated by simply walking and strolling in the various district from up scale Salamanca with its stately mansions and luxury retail shopping to Malasana the epicenter of the Movida so well described by Almodovar. Get your nose out of your guide book and you will appreciate this stunning architecture, feel the power of history at Plaza Mayor and its side streets, spend time in the Museum like the Prado for its collections of Goya and Velazquez or Reina Sofia for the impressive Guernica by Picasso and don’t forget the Thyssen museum.

Prado Museum

Since this is a food blog, lets talk about it. Let’s put this is very simple terms, I never had a bad meal in a week from the oldest restaurant in the world Casa Botin to local food market and restaurants. Don’t even get me started on their cold cuts, try out some of the lomo or even better the absolutely divine Spanish iberico Bellota ham.

Bellota ham

The reality is that Spanish food in Spain just taste so much better. Although it is very simple form of cuisine, it’s god damn good because the ingredients are just so good and they are always the star of the dish.  Take any tapas or pinchos, they are not overly sophisticated with no more than three to four ingredient but gosh they simply melt in your mouth.  One tip: wait for lunch time till 2 pm and dinner till 10pm otherwise you will feel very lonely.

Mercado de San Miguel

Let me share with you some of my favorite spots.

Casa Botin

The world oldest restaurant which makes one of hell of a great suckling pig.

Calle de Cuchilleros, 17 Madrid

Tel: 91 366 42 17 | website:

Casa Lucio

Classic Madrilenos restaurant with killer huevos where royalties and head of state go for dinner.

Calle de la Cava Baja, 35 Madrid

Tel: 91 365 82 17 | website: Casa Lucio

El Brillante

Down to earth local institution where you must go for its Bocadillos de Calameres (fried squid sandwich)

Plaza del Emperador Carlos , 66 Madrid

Tel: 91 528 69 | website:

Café Lateral

Stunning pinchos to eat on a terrace.

Pº de La Castellana, 89 Madrid

Tel: 91 561 33 37 | website:

Mercado de San Miguel

Food market with great atmosphere and food stands by Plaza Mayor

Plaza de San Miguel, Madrid



Calle Hermosilla, 46 Madrid

Tel: 91 578 04 70 | website: 

Barrutia y El 9

Calle Santa Teresa, 9 Madrid

Tel: 913 19 29 46 | website: Barrutia y el 9