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Being stuck at home this evening with an empty fridge, pouring rain, super lazy and a baby sleeping, I had absolutely no other choices than to order food and have it delivered home thanks to Food Panda.

It is so easy to have food delivered to your doorstep in Hong Kong. Either pick up the phone and call a restaurant or order online on one of the numerous website like Cuisine Courier. It’s fast and relatively convenient but often I do not find the overall food ordering very user friendly. This time, I have tried out Food Panda backed by Rocket Internet, the largest e-commerce incubator in the world. With such guys as investors, Food Panda must do something really good.

I have tried out their mobile application and works very well.Food Panda

First, they track your location using your mobile GPS (you can also input your address) to provide you with a list of restaurants in your area. The list of restaurants was surprising as often with food delivery companies the choice is limited to the usual junk food places but not in this case where instead I saw restaurants like Aberdeen Street or Foxtail & Broomcorn and even my one of my favorite vietnamese joint.

Food PandaThe second step is to pick up a restaurant to order from. A nice little features are the stars that each of the restaurants receives as well as some comments from users. I picked Pizzeria Jacomax simply because I wanted a decent pizza to eat in from of a movie.

Food Panda

Once the restaurant has been chosen, you can scroll through their menu and add your selection to the basket. One of the nice features here is that you can see a picture of the dish to have an idea how it will look like as well as an estimated delivery time. Finalize your selection and you are ready to pay using cash or online payment, which is something really nice when you don’t have dime on you. Finally, once the order has been confirmed you will receive a text message confirming your order.

45 minutes later, the delivery guy showed up at my doorstep with my pizza. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with Food Panda. The business idea is definitely not new at all but the way you order is extremely efficient and user-friendly. It is just the kind of delivery system you love that allows you to order from anywhere including MTR, office, etc. and be delivered home as soon as you arrive. Once little disappointment though!!! I would love to see my food wrapped in a Food Panda packaging.