Food truck Hong Kong


 Good news foodies, it seems that food truck might finally come to Hong Kong. John Tang, our Financial Secretary, in a recent speech said that he has plans to introduce food truck in our beloved city.

Contrary to hawkers who don’t like the idea, I find it really good, as it will bring something new and interesting to HK food scene. Food truck Hong KongThe food truck scene is very popular (thanks to some celebrity chefs and Chef the movie) globally as it brings healthy food to the mass without the cost of running a restaurant. It will give a new generation of chefs a way to showcase their work at a limited cost. We already see many new chef having stands at PMQ’s night market or East Island market.

Local hawkers don’t like the idea for several reasons. Food truck Hong KongAmongst them, unfair competition as the government has been phasing out hawkers license since the 70’s as well as the cost of transforming a van into a portable kitchen. Another of their concern relates to local traffic making it difficult for them to park their van. I do understand their point of view. Why should hawkers who have been in existence for so many years and now are disappearing, are now been replaced by food truck who might just sell the exact same thing?

It raises a few questions. Why hawkers and food truck falls in different category and have different legislation? How many food truck licenses will actually been given to new upcoming chef rather than the major dining groups who could also take the opportunity to expand their F&B network. How will the HK government enforce their strict hygiene requirements? Why does the government does not legislate on Alfresco dining opportunities?