Everyone has his own regular Japanese place where you go without thinking twice. Mine is Gyotaku, owned by the same guys behind Three Monkey and located in Stanley Street’s foodie tower. During lunchtime, you will have to fight for a spot, as their lunch sets are extremely popular; while in the evening, the atmosphere is much more relaxed allowing you to enjoy their omakase menu

In 2.5 years, I never had a bad lunch or diner and this must mean something in Hong Kong where the quality of a restaurant is never really constant. Is it the best Japanese in town? Probably not. Is it the most expensive or the cheapest one? Certainly no. So why do I like this place? I guess because they feature traditional Japanese food with slight modern twist while maintaining a high quality standard and very friendly service. Do I always pick the same dishes? 90% of the time yes.

We started our dinner with the assorted tempura comprised of 3 good size prawns, 2 scallops, and some vegetable tempura. Somewhat disappointing as it was the batter was not great and it turned soggy relatively quick.


I choose the deluxe sushi platter made out of a selection of 12 different sushi including uni, tuna, toro, prawn, 2 small California rolls, some eel and one of my favorite the seared salmon sushi. You can immediately see the traditional side of the dish with some very simple and straightforward sushi like the tuna and the shellfish ones while the modern twist appears with the seared salmon sushi and the white fish topped with truffle. Very nice selection but would have love to hear about the best order to eat the plater as some flavors where stronger than others.


My wife went for the spicy tuna maki presented in a diamond shape and topped with more spicy tuna. Since a kid, I have always loved spicy tuna and this one is no exception. In addition, she went for the salmon belly sushi and sweet shrimp sushi and California handroll and scallop maki.


Overall, it was great meal and I have the intention of going back for more.



12/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central

Tel: 3902 3813