Man In the Maze: a Sundance Short Film Documentary

Man in the Maze: a Sundance award wining food documentary

Man in the Maze is one of the five films to win the Sundance Short Film Challenge. This documentary reveals how a local community in southern Arizona is rebuilding its food system in a region known as the food super highway of the USA where thousands of trucks are coming from Mexico to feed Americans. Often due to food price changes, tons of crops are destroyed and dumped into landfills therefore wasting perfectly edible food instead of providing them to the poor local communities who cannot afford their daily fruits and vegetables leading to diabetes and food insecurity.

Furthermore as the region is rich in biodiversity, a local organization is collecting seeds in order to preserve it for the next generation. The community realizing the waste and the need for quality food took the matter in their own hands by reconnecting with the land through the development of local organic farms, and food redistribution to the ones in need.

“Man In The Maze” | Sundance Short Film Challenge from Sundance Institute on Vimeo.

Not only the movie is very well shot and interesting it drives you through one of the most important and complex food issue and how change can happen if you take the matter in your own hands.