I recently got my hands on David Chan’s Momofuku book. Although not very recent, it is a fantastic book that combines great recipes which will be tried out soon and David Chan early success.

David Chan food empire growth from a simple ramen joint to one of the best know chef in the US with Momofuku Noodle Bar, Ssam Bar, Ko and the famous Milk Bar with Christina Tosi.

Momofuku was written more as a biography and a reflection of his early years rather than a simple recipe book.

David Chan

David Chan’s book is inspirational as you can see the evolution of his food empire from being a to be chef in love with Ramen working random odd cooking jobs in Japan then working at CRAFT where he learned his trade to running a 2 star Michelin Star restaurant. I loved his determination to set up a Ramen place in NYC that was struggling to work well despite hours put in to the venture and how he completely destroyed the concept and menu to rebuild something completely new literally overnight. This became his trademark destroy to rebuild while staying true to what he loves. Furthermore, David Chan created a real revolution in the US where he has been using his Asian heritage, fantastic ingredients and an addiction to pork. This winning combination together with his drive are what have made him so successful despite as he says not being the best cook.

The recipes are actually very interesting as it provides the reader with his star recipes across his various ventures. You can see the evolution in his cooking and his inspiration. I an you should try out a few in the coming days such as Chan’s Kimchi or his marinated hanger steak as I am pretty much convinced not to be disappointed.