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Mr. The Artist: your Belgian craft beer

Mr. The Artist is a great food startup set up by two Belgian guys who have decided to bring two of the most iconic Belgian products namely craft beers and artisan chocolate to Hong Kong, Their twist is to bring awesome branding, great products, and allowing their customers to customize their own packaging.

Mr The Artist

As I still need to try out their chocolate, lets focus on their beers.

With the help of their brewer, Benoit Humblet who’s a 35 years veteran of beer industry, Mr. The Artist used only the best local ingredients to brew all their beers regardless of their cost to offer a top-notch beer to their clients. To be honest and having tried all three beers, the quality is great and exactly what I am expecting for a serious Belgian craft beer.

Mr. The Artist currently offers three very different beers covering a large spectrum of taste including a Blond beer (ALC. 6.2%), a white beer (ALC 4.9%) and finally a Raspberry beer (ALC 5.9%).

Mr The Artist

The Blonde beer is the most traditional Belgian beer made out of pure malt and hops. As any good blonde beer, the aromas of grilled cereals are definitely coming through and not overpowering but instead remains balanced. This allows you to really enjoy every sip.

Mr The Artist

As any white beer like Hoegaarden, citrus aromas are really present. To be totally honest with you, I am not a big fan of white beer outside of summer and over lunch. This one fits exactly that, perfect on a hot Sunday afternoon chilling on the terrace or in the park.

I love raspberry beers, some say it’s a girly beer but I will totally disagree. Perfect to enjoy during the day or for early evening drinks. I really enjoyed this one for his full raspberry flavors, freshness and lightness. Additionally, raspberry beers are one of the most difficult one to find in Hong Kong and I am very happy to have found my supplier.

Lets talk about the brilliant packaging that allows you to customize your own label with you picture and your motto. It really give you the opportunity to design your own package and become an artist yourself.

Mr The Artist

 In short, great idea, great beer and a wonderful packaging idea!!! Congrats Mr. The Artist.

Check out their great site: Mr.TheArtist