My Xmas gifts

Christmas Gift

Having spend so time back home for Christmas, I am now back in Hong Kong. Apart for the spending time and catching up with the family and eating till you drop, it was a nice occasion to exchange Xmas gifts with everyone.

All I can say, my family knows me well and I could more thrilled with the various gift I received as they are all food related. Big thanks to all for pampering me with all these great goodies.

Kai Shun Classic Knives

I am so much going to enjoy these knifes. Not only they are beautiful but the craftsmanship behind is first class. Composed with 32 layers of stainless steel and extremely resistant. Definitely the kind of knives that I will keep for years.

Kai Shun Classic Knives

Kai Shun Classic Knives

Turon from El Almendro

El Almendro is on of Spain most classic turon brands. This crunchy almond one is made by blending together almonds and caramel (honey and sugar) and incorporating egg white. A true classic.

Turron Duro

Sardines and tuna cans from Portugal

This is worth a post by itself. I received a couple of Portuguese cans of sardines and tuna and they are just fantastic. Simply open a bottle of wine, get some nice bread and you will have the most amazing healthy lunch. Let’s discuss it more in another post as it deserves one by itself.

Atum Can Sardine Can




China: The Cookbook

Phaidon’s latest bible of recipe, this time covering China: The Cookbook. A great gift as I love this collection even if I often find it difficult to get inspired due to the lack of picture. It still remains the mother book written for people who love to cook. Name your favorite Chinese dish and you will find it. More on this in a later post.

Chin: The Cookbook

Cantinho Do Avillez: Cookbook

Not sure if you are familiar with this little genius, Jose Avillez, who single handedly managed to put back Portuguese food on the global map. This book features easy recipes from one of his restaurant. Nothing real difficult here but nice and easy dish for your day to day diner.


Cozinha Tradicional Portuguesa

The mother book of all Portuguese traditional recipes. Definitely old fashion but absolutely brilliant. If you want to know anything about Portuguese food, this is the book. Check out the dessert!!!


Chef at work coat and apron

I love this gift with my own name and chef’s logo. This will keep me going for I hope some time.

Aguardente XO DOC Lourinha

Aguardente is pretty much the Portuguese equivalent to Cognac or Armagnac. Made from distilled wine and aged in  Portuguese or French Oak, Aquardente is fantastic drink with hints of vanilla, wood and coffee. Very soft on the palate with a touch of smokiness.