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Ho Lee Fook’s short ribs

Ho Lee Fook's Short Ribs

I have been a big fan of Ho Lee Fook for many years and always loved its short ribs. A couple of weeks ago, I bought the Anova Precision Cooker and knew that the recipe was available in one of the Monocle issue. I must say the result was pretty good. Okay, I must say that it’s not 100% similar but close enough (check the picture below). If you got the tools, try out the recipe and let me know.

Ho Lee Fook Short Rib Original



For those not familiar with Ho Lee Fook which means “Good fortune for your mouth”, it is a Black Sheep restaurant that offers contemporary, funky yet unpretentious Chinese food where all plates are shared. Favorites include “Mom’s mostly cabbage, pork dumplings, great cantonese Char Siu and the signature short rib. I seriously encourage you to sample a number of their dish.

Ho Lee Fook Char Siu

Check out the menu below:

Ho Lee Fook Recipe

The atmosphere and decor is great. Before getting down to the dining area, you need to pass by this open kitchen at the restaurant’s entrance where you can see the cooks in action. On the side, you have a wall of fortune golden cats waving us while we make our way down into the low lit dining room.

Be ready to wait for some time before getting a table. To jump the queue, book a table for 5 and more and dreams come true. In my opinion, it is a great place to have diner. Food is great even if some dishes miss the cut in my opinion like the shredded chicken salad, the desserts, and the make your own steamed rice (fun but not great taste). But clearly above most of Hong Kong’s restaurants.

Ho Lee Fook

G/F No. 1-5 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2810 0860 | Website:

Ho Lee Fook's short ribs
Short Ribs
Kimchi Paste
  1. Drop the short rib with soy sauce and wine into a vacuum bag (ziploc makes the trick) and sous vide the bag. Alternatively, suck the air out
  2. Cook at 62 degrees for 22 hours in a immersion circulator. I use the anova which works brilliantly.
  3. Wait 22 hours
  4. On a very hot grill, char the Jalapenos and onion until blackened, toast the garlic till soft. Add everything into a blender and puree with olive oil
  5. Blend all kimchi ingredient together until smooth
  6. Rost the short ribs in a 200 degree oven until the crust is browned. Toss shallots with the kimchi paste, add the puree and serve