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Marinated sirloin steak, kimchi, and ginger scallion

Marinated sirloin kimchi

Another recipe by David Chan that sparkled my attention as I am always on the lookout for new innovative recipes featuring beef (one of my go to meat). This Marinated sirloin steak, kimchi, and ginger scallion recipe works so well.  It is just so simple but it has this wow factor to it. It’s simplicity lies in its easy marinade and some exciting yet simple accompaniment like Kimchi, lettuce and rice. This recipe is packed with flavors from the apple from the marinade to the kimchi for the spice and I assure you that your guest won’t be disappointed.

Quick note: instead of grilling the steak, I decided to use a sous vide cooking method to incorporate even more flavor and a very juicy and tender steak. More on sous vide cooking later on.

Marinated sirloin steak, kimchi and ginger scallion
Hanger Steak
  1. First, make the marinade by combining the apple juice, soy sauce, onion, garlic, sesame oil, black pepper in a large ziplock. Add the steak and leave it to marinate overnight in the fridge
  2. 30 minutes before eating, take the steaks out of their marinade (discarding the liquid) . Warm the grill, and grill each side between 2 to 3 minutes for medium rare. Once cooked, removed them from the grill and let the steak to rest.
  3. Once everything is ready including the various accompaniments, start to cut the steak into 0.5 cm slices and serve immediately.