Having travelled for some years across the world, I always loved going to the spice market. The smell, the colors just make it worth a detour. You see piles of spices everywhere, from a rich red to beautiful green. A simple pinch of spice or fresh herbs makes you travel from North Africa or all the way to Asia.


No other ingredient bring so flavor to any dishes. It is just so easy to add this little extra something to make you dish stand out and make it totally different than usual. I am just totally hooked to spices but the trick is the find the right balance between them. Combining them together gives you a totally new flavor profile or simply add them to a mayonnaise for something new. You probably have your own basic spice kit hidden somewhere in on of your cupboard. To keep them in perfect condition simply store them in airtight containers and they will keep you going for months. Buy them whole and grid them according to needs.

Where do I buy spices:

Yuan Heng Spice Company is a little spice gem in busy Sheung Wan. Located on a little slope going towards Hollywood Road, the shop is totally dominated by bags of spices.


Simply follow the smell of spices to find the shop. To really know what orange peel smells like, just put your nose in their 40 kilo bags. Looking for fresh clove look no further. Are you used to your little cinnamon sticks from the supermarket, ask for the cinnamon stick that looks like a little tree. The guys behind Yuan Heng Spice emphasize the freshness of their product and the smell is a proof of that.

Yuan Heng Spices: G/F, 19 Tung Street, Sheung Wan.