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Ravioli al taleggio e asparagi

Ravioli al taleggio e asparagi

Knowing that I had a dinner to prepare for some very picky foodies, I really had to come up with something impressive and difficult enough to make while being light, fresh and tasty to satisfy and exited their tongue buds. The result is this fantastic Ravioli al taleggio e asparagi. Nothing really beats fresh pasta when […]

A guide to pasta by


A PASTA GUIDE As a non-Italian, it is sometime so hard to figure out which pasta type goes with which sauce. I love pasta so much that I could easily eat some everyday whether home-made fresh pasta or dry one. We often think about spaghetti or tagliatelle but do you know that we have over […]

Raspberry Panna cotta


RASPBERRY PANNA COTTA Panna cotta or “cooked cream” has always been one of my favorite desserts. Not only its really good but so easy to make contrary to what people might think and can be flavored with anything you enjoy, from vanilla or any kinds of fruits to chocolate and coffee. Often when eating out in […]

Roasted Beetroot Risotto


ROASTED BEETROOT RISOTTO I love the combination of the roasted beetroot and the risotto as both are  some of my favorite things to eat. To be honest, beetroot are somewhat an acquired taste as many people do not like them. As such, cooking beetroot is a bit of a gamble but then if you pull it off […]

Linguini Fini


LINGUINI FINI I have been passing by Linguini Fini every day for the last few months but never had the opportunity to check it out which I did today over lunch. Linguini Fini is American Italian inspired concept and the third venture, after Posto Publico and Stone Nullah Tavern, by the guys behind Home Grown Food who […]