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Roastbeef with arugula and parmesan salad

Roastbeef with arugula and parmesan salad

Who doesn’t like a nice roastbeef? It is so easy to make and always a massive hit. With a recipe like this, the meat needs to shine by itself with very little other ingredients namely butter, garlic and some rosemary. I believe the best way to serve a roastbeef is with a little arugula and […]

Source: Phaidon

A review China: The Cookbook

I have received as a present the latest book from my favorite culinary publisher Phaidon. Phaidon came out with China: The Cookbook as part their bestsellers cuisine series including The Silver Spoon. This culinary series is great in terms of content as it covers the entire culinary repertoire of a country with really great recipes. […]

Ho Lee Fook's Short Ribs

Ho Lee Fook’s short ribs

I have been a big fan of Ho Lee Fook for many years and always loved its short ribs. A couple of weeks ago, I bought the Anova Precision Cooker and knew that the recipe was available in one of the Monocle issue. I must say the result was pretty good. Okay, I must say that it’s not […]



I recently got my hands on David Chan’s Momofuku book. Although not very recent, it is a fantastic book that combines great recipes which will be tried out soon and David Chan early success. David Chan food empire growth from a simple ramen joint to one of the best know chef in the US with […]

Marinated sirloin kimchi

Marinated sirloin steak, kimchi, and ginger scallion

Another recipe by David Chan that sparkled my attention as I am always on the lookout for new innovative recipes featuring beef (one of my go to meat). This Marinated sirloin steak, kimchi, and ginger scallion recipe works so well.  It is just so simple but it has this wow factor to it. It’s simplicity lies […]

Are you a real foodie?

Are you a real foodie by San Pellegrino

ARE YOU A REAL FOODIE BY SAN PELLEGRINO San Pellegrino is always coming up with new interesting ways in building a food community. It first took the form of the Awards which completely changed the view on how food guides should work. Now they have come up with the first digital platform where food lovers […]

Harissa Chicken


HARISSA CHICKEN Chicken is definitely one of the most versatile, fast cooking, easily prepared protein and surely a family’s favorite.Made out of roasted red peppers, red chillies, garlic and spices, the harissa brings a subtle heat to the dish and brings all the ingredients together. Harissa brings back old memories being a student eating kebabs with a […]

Beef tenderloin with pink peppercorn and whisky sauce

beef tenderloin with pink peppercorn and whisky sauce

BEEF TENDERLOIN WITH PINK PEPPERCORN AND WHISKY SAUCE SERVED WITH CRISPY POTATO I have tried out this simple but yet stunning beef tenderloin with pink peppercorn and whisky sauce recipe from Donna Hay, one of Australia star cook and writer, a number of time when hosting dinner. Every single time, it was a smashing success. Have […]



Anchoiade Spending many summers as a child in the south of France, I have always loved going to the farmers markets and one of my favorite products was the Anchoiade from Provence. It is delicious yet simple dip bringing a ton of flavour to a selection of raw or grilled vegetables. It is so simple […]

Cookbook Book


COOKBOOK BOOK: A BOOK REVIEW Once again a beautiful book by Phaidon. Cookbook Book by Kamali and Bohm is a journey into culinary history and its evolution across the world. The fascinating aspect of Cookbook Book is the selection of the titles from the French classic Le Larousse Gastronomique to The Graham Kerr Cookbook and […]