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It’s not everyday that you will step in the world oldest restaurant. Coming to Madrid, I had to check this place out. Set up in the early 17th century by a French cook, Jean Botin, the restaurant has never closed despite changing hands a few times. The current family, the Gonzalez, purchase Botin in the […]

Ho Lee Fook's Short Ribs

Ho Lee Fook’s short ribs

I have been a big fan of Ho Lee Fook for many years and always loved its short ribs. A couple of weeks ago, I bought the Anova Precision Cooker and knew that the recipe was available in one of the Monocle issue. I must say the result was pretty good. Okay, I must say that it’s not […]

Korean Garden Restaurant


KOREAN GARDEN RESTAURANT Prior to moving to Hong Kong 4 years ago, I never had the opportunity to try out Korean food. Since I really started to enjoy the world of Kimchi. Hong Kong is surfing on a modern Korean food trend like with places like Takorea, I really wanted to try out the real […]

Photo courtesy of Big Fernand


BIG FERNAND: A NEW BURGER JOINT IN TOWN!!! We have seen so many burger joints opening in the last few months from Beef & Liberty to Burger Circus opened by the guys behind Black Sheep as well as the Butcher Club to Big Fernand. I really had to taste them all to really appreciate the […]

Passion by Gerad Dubois Inside


PASSION BY GERARD DUBOIS Being on a slight rush over lunchtime, I went to new addition of Passion by Gerard Dubois on Lyndhurst Terrace for a quick take away of one of my favorite lunch, a nice sandwich. Finding great sandwich is not an easy task in Hong Kong as most places either offer a cheap […]