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Jalisco style birria taco

Jalisco style birria taco

Tacos is probably one of my old time favorite because of its variety of filling. The Jalisco style birria taco is probably the ultimate one. Especially when topped with sour cream, spicy sauce, guacamole and salsa. Tacos combines three stables that can be found in any Mexican family namely beef, tortillas and beer. This one does […]



I recently got my hands on David Chan’s Momofuku book. Although not very recent, it is a fantastic book that combines great recipes which will be tried out soon and David Chan early success. David Chan food empire growth from a simple ramen joint to one of the best know chef in the US with […]

Homemade green curry


HOMEMADE GREEN CURY As you know, I love spice. I can eat it anytime, anywhere and in any form. Just bring in on. Thai green curry has always been a favorite of mine but this recipe tweaks it a bit with some light European inspiration. I have tried out this recipe on friends as starter or […]


Chilies: Can you take the heat? I have been using chilies for many years in most of my recipes. It really spices up any dishes, simply slice one or two Thai bird’s eyes chilies or a few drops of Tabasco sauce into your dish.The flavors of any chilies greatly vary from one to the other […]



IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO LOVE SPICES Having travelled for some years across the world, I always loved going to the spice market. The smell, the colors just make it worth a detour. You see piles of spices everywhere, from a rich red to beautiful green. A simple pinch of spice or fresh herbs makes you travel […]