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Food Panda Website


FOOD PANDA Being stuck at home this evening with an empty fridge, pouring rain, super lazy and a baby sleeping, I had absolutely no other choices than to order food and have it delivered home thanks to Food Panda. It is so easy to have food delivered to your doorstep in Hong Kong. Either pick […]

Mr The Artist


Mr. The Artist: your Belgian craft beer Mr. The Artist is a great food startup set up by two Belgian guys who have decided to bring two of the most iconic Belgian products namely craft beers and artisan chocolate to Hong Kong, Their twist is to bring awesome branding, great products, and allowing their customers […]



Teacha: an invitation to travel in search for your tea Teacha tea is another Hong Kong food related startup. I am a real coffee drinker and love my morning espresso ritual. However when it comes to tea, I have absolutely no idea. Yes, I do love some of the Mariage et Frere’s tea especially the […]