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Black Cow Vodka

Black Cow Vodka

Everyone’s bar staple should include a few bottles of gin, rum, whisky and vodka. This super premium vodka should easily fit well in your bar. Some might say “another vodka” or “all vodka taste the same”, may be this might be the case till you put your hands on a Milk based vodka. I managed […]

Man In the Maze: a Sundance Short Film Documentary


Man in the Maze: a Sundance award wining food documentary Man in the Maze is one of the five films to win the Sundance Short Film Challenge. This documentary reveals how a local community in southern Arizona is rebuilding its food system in a region known as the food super highway of the USA where […]

Fruta Feia


Fruta Feia by Isabel Soares In a similar vein as the Man in the Maze short film, Portuguese Isabel Soares realized that so much food is wasted every day for different reasons including the fact that fruits and vegetable don’t look perfect therefore not commercially viable for major supermarket. Supermarkets want perfect fruits and vegetables […]