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Jalisco style birria taco

Jalisco style birria taco

Tacos is probably one of my old time favorite because of its variety of filling. The Jalisco style birria taco is probably the ultimate one. Especially when topped with sour cream, spicy sauce, guacamole and salsa. Tacos combines three stables that can be found in any Mexican family namely beef, tortillas and beer. This one does […]

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A review China: The Cookbook

I have received as a present the latest book from my favorite culinary publisher Phaidon. Phaidon came out with China: The Cookbook as part their bestsellers cuisine series including The Silver Spoon. This culinary series is great in terms of content as it covers the entire culinary repertoire of a country with really great recipes. […]

Mercado de San Miguel

Mercado de San Miguel

To any foodies out there, Mercado de San Miguel is one of thing you must try out in Madrid.  Originally built as a covered market off Plaza Mayor feeding the madrilenos, the place was converted after several years of renovation into a Madrid’s culinary spot. You will find pretty much anything to make your mouth […]



It’s not everyday that you will step in the world oldest restaurant. Coming to Madrid, I had to check this place out. Set up in the early 17th century by a French cook, Jean Botin, the restaurant has never closed despite changing hands a few times. The current family, the Gonzalez, purchase Botin in the […]


Food pairing a scientific approach to it

We all know that food pairing is important as some flavors do mix well together. Just take for example, French fries and mayonnaise (yes, I’m Belgian), horseradish and beef or truffles and eggs. But could strawberries and mussels be a match? The answer is yes because they share a similar flavor compounds. The strawberry has […]

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FOODIES WEEKEND IN HONG KONG I am so looking forward for this weekend as we have so many foodie events around town. First, we have The Dine & Design Festival who’s moving to the Central Harbour Front aims at promoting independent local designers as well as many talented food providers and chef. The most interesting […]

Dai Pai Dong


HONG KONG’S DAI PAI DONG: A DYING CULTURE Hong Kong’s Da Pai Dong are slowly dying. Often hidden by the skyscrapers, the dai pai dong in Hong Kong have a long history of serving lunch to busy workers throughout the city. For decades, dai pai dongs have been selling cheap local food from stall, street […]

Fallot Mustard


FALLOT MUSTARD A few years ago, my wife organised for my 30th birthday a trip to the French region of Bourgogne. The weekend was spent drinking wonderful wines, eating superb food and touring the Bourgogne region. We also visited the Fallot mustard mill.  On of our stops was the Fallot Moustard mill. Despite the Bourgogne […]