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Teacha: an invitation to travel in search for your tea

Teacha tea is another Hong Kong food related startup. I am a real coffee drinker and love my morning espresso ritual. However when it comes to tea, I have absolutely no idea. Yes, I do love some of the Mariage et Frere’s tea especially the Marco Polo or a Chamomile tea after dinner but besides that I have no clue.

Tea Cha Tea comes in various subscription packages where you slowly build up your knowledge and get to learn various teas from across the world. Once you have found your new favorite beverage just simply order more of it. Tea Cha Tea business model reminds me of the various wine subscription package that my dad used to order. A very smart model to be honest.

In my case, I have ordered the most simple one called Foundation of Tea where 5 teas belonging to the five tea families. For those clueless like me, the five families are White, Green, Oolong, Black and Herbal.


Two main criteria are key in determining the tea family. First, the principal ingredients that can either be herbal like Hibiscus, Ginger, Chamomile and often are caffeine free whereas the remaining families all comes from tea plants. The second criteria are all about the individual processing sequence of each tea i.e the picking time, the level of oxidation, the heating system used and the rolling process.


To discover these tea families, I have been sampling five of their carefully selected teas.

  • The White Peony Supreme coming from the Fuijan Province of China is a white tea known to be a rich source of antioxidants containing anti aging properties. I enjoyed this tea, as it was relatively light and sweet.
  • The Genmaicha coming from Fukuoka in Japan is a green tea perfect for late afternoon or to match with sushi. Traditionally, this tea has been blended with popped rice adding a subtle nutty flavor. One of my favorite tea out of the five.
  • The Four Seasons Oolong coming from Nantou in Taiwan is perfect for a calming mid-afternoon tea crave. Just mix it with milk and sugar and you have a perfectly buttery and smooth tea.
  • The Estate Darjeeling from the West Bengal region of India is often considered as the most sought after teas in the world as it is an excellent combination with a breakfast or brunch. It has very subtle flavors or flowers and fruits.
  • The Moroccan Ruby Mint tea from Morocco has been for me somewhat a disappointment as the distinctive mint and sugary flavors that I often had when drinking tea in Morocco where not present. Instead, they made a version with no green tea to be enjoyed at night as it does not contain any caffeine.

Overall, I enjoyed my tea journey and the nice thing about it is that I learned a bit more about teas and how much more I need to understand before knowing what tea I really crave for.

Check out their website to order or to know more about them: