The making of Ramen


Everyone in Japan loves a good ramen. You can find them in every street corner of any city. This is what I call a true fast food. Personally, I love them and so glad to find them so easily in Hong Kong at one of my go to place called Ippudo where my choice often goes to the Ippudo Karaka made of thin noodles, a spicy tonkotsu broth, some slow cooked rosu, a soft boil egg and finally some seaweed.

Sounds easy to make but actually not really. It is a grueling process with some many things to control and have spot on. I have tried a few times to make some and trust me is not easy. First take the broth which takes ages to make, needs constant attention and great ingredients. In this phase, it is not as simple as throwing ingredients in a pan hoping something nice comes out, you need to select the right ingredients which are not always widely available, have the right seasoning, and carefully monitor it. Secondly, slow cooked the pork until super tender.

This is excitedly what Life where I’m from have been documenting in their video. This short documentary gives you insight into what it takes to own a ramen restaurant in Tokyo. In short, hard work, dedication, and a true love for ramen.