Vom Fass Products


Walking down Hollywood Road the other day, I realized as often that a new shop was opening its doors. Instead of the usual fashion store or art gallery, this shop was targeting us the food lovers.

Vom Fass on Hollywood RoadVom Fass is specialty store selling fine oil, vinegars, spirit, liqueurs and wine. I was told by the store manager that it is a European company but he forgot the mention that Vom Fass has 300 stores in 30 countries. Vom Fass is working with a number of small producers from globally often family-businesses and put a lot of effort sourcing the best natural and organic products available.

I have really appreciate that the store manager, not knowing I was a food blogger, took the time to drive me through the concept and explaining what the products are all about.

Vom Fass Products

One of the nicest features of the shop is the ability to sample any of their products on display. Every product is stored in cask and you simply need to fill one of their bottles or bring yours. It does make a perfect gift for any foodie and perfect to bring home.

Vom Fass Products

Another nice aspect is the variety of products available from Spanish extra virgin oil to a range of infused oil as well as a variety of the different kinds of vinegar. Why not combining a few flavors together? Vom Fass also sells a variety of flavored liqueurs like Caipirinha lime or Elderflower and whisky.

After sampling a few vinegars and infused oils, I bought 100 ml of Mango Balsamic Vinegar and was given a sample of Apple Balsamic Vinegar to try out. In a nutshell, the mango are harvested from Cebu in the Philippines, shipped to Germany, then blended into a fruit puree (28%) and finally added to the distilled vinegar (60). The sweetness and the mellow flavor of the mango really come out and not overpowered by the acidity of the vinegar. The acidity is closer the one you can find in yuzu rather than vinegar. A really interesting flavor, a must try.

Vom Fass Products

Overall, I like the concept and the products.

Vom Fass, 68A Hollywood Roa, Central, Hong Kong